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Constant earthquake activity in El Hierro voclano
Posted on September 17, 2012 by Jón Frímann
...It is only when we get the earthquake data for past 1 year when things get really interesting. Based on this data. Magma is now already at the depth of around 10 km in El Hierro volcano. Why it has not erupted is hard to answer (the answer might come after an eruption takes place. But no sooner). There are even clues in this image that some of the magma might be as shallow as 5 km. But it is hard to see it for sure. This image also suggest that amount of magma in El Hierro volcano, in the forms of magma sill is a lot more then what did erupt last year in El Hierro volcano. The tube that is feeding this magma into El Hierro volcano appears to be located at 18.05 longitude. That tube is marked by earthquakes going down well below 28 km depth.

The current earthquake activity in El Hierro volcano is creating new magma sill inside the volcano. That is just storing magma for possible future eruptions. The activity so far has been bit stronger in terms of amount of earthquakes since last earthquake swarm in June and July 2012. But that earthquake swarm did top at around 172 earthquakes during 24 hour period. So the current earthquake swarm is larger in that regard. But so far no earthquake has been larger then magnitude 3.2. But that might change if any larger earthquake happens. As often is the case.

It is hard to say what happens next in El Hierro volcano. But I would guess that once eruption starts in El Hierro volcano it might last for months. Based on the amount of magma that seems to have build up inside the volcano during the past few months. That build-up phase however does not seems to be completed at the moment. How long it is going to last is impossible to say at current time. But this is something that is worth keeping an watch for. El Hierro volcano is going to erupt basalt if the eruption is on land. Older volcano cones are not going erupt again. At least that is my assessment of what I have seen with satellite pictures.

[link to www.jonfr.com]
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