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Judith says:

September 18, 2012 at 16:05

From the meeting this morning the traffic light is staying on green and the activity is just a normal phase..

,,The direction of the Plan of Civil protection by volcanic risk (PEVOLCA), and after receiving the conclusions of the meeting this morning, scientific working group maintains the normal phase in situation of early warning and green light of information to the public after the increase of the seismicity on 14 September. In the meeting held by video conferencing, have been present, scientists from the CSIC, of IGN, representatives of the General Directorate of protection Civil of the Ministry of the Interior, the Cabildo de El Hierro and the universities of Las Palmas and La Laguna.,,

The full report which will need to be translated can be found on :

[link to www.gobcan.es]


Judith says:

September 18, 2012 at 16:27

Another interesting article only part has been translated :

,,The trachyte is a type of rock that is always formed under the bark. But Joan Martí, of the Institute of Sciences of the Earth Jaume Almera, dependent of the CSIC, view by phone from El Hierro which is exaggerated to speak of dangerousness and explains a Quo very clearly: that white portion “has a content in volatile of the order of the 4 or 5%, a temperature of 850 ° C and a density of 2300 kg/m3, making it more explosive”, but only represents 10% of the total mixture. Because 90% remaining (the black) is basalt, that counts with “only 2% of volatile, a temperature of 1,200 ° C and a density of 2700 kg/m3″, which greatly reduces the virulence of these volcanic eruptions.So El Hierro geologists know something: most of the magma is basaltic, and that means that it comes from the deep layers of the Earth. The mechanism by which that magma has been able to ascend from the outer core is exciting. Discovered it in 2005 Sebastian Rost and Edward Garnero (Arizona State University), and Quentin Williams and Michael Manga (from California). These geologists and volcanologists found that rushing chimneys of the Hawaiian volcanoes are assorted by what they called “roots”, through which different magma feathers (so called because of its shape of Wick) amount from 3,000 km further down. And that may explain why many volcanic islands have a very constant activity.,,

The full report which will need to be translated can be found on:

[link to www.quo.es]

[link to volcanocafe.wordpress.com]
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