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Friday 5th October 2012
Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea
Eruptive activity continues at Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea. Satellite images show hotspots over the summit. The activity has been continuing throughout 2012. Ten-thousand residents of the island who were evacuated during the 2004 eruptions are still living in care centres at Poitsdam, Mangem, and Asarumba on the mainland.
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Friday 5th October 2012
Galeras Volcano, Colombia
On 28th September 2012 an earthquake swarm was recorded at Galeras volcano, Colombia. The earthquakes are possible associated with fluid movement in volcanic conduits, causing fracturing of rock. The earthquakes were located at a depth of less than 8 km at a radius of up to 13 km from the crater. Earthquake magnitudes were less than 1.4 on the richter scale. Ash emissions are occurring on most days. On 28th September, observatory staff on the edge of Galeras reported smell of sulphur.
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Friday 5th October 2012
Cumbal Volcano, Colombia
On 26-27 September 2012 an earthquake swarm occurred at Cumbal volcano, Colombia. Over the two days 182 small earthquakes were recorded. The seismicity is possibly related to hydrothermal activity at the volcano. Weak fumarolic activity is reported at El Verde in the northern sector of the volcano.
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Friday 5th October 2012
Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico
On 2nd October 2012 an explosion at Popocatepetl volcano sent ash to a height of 1 km above the crater. On 3rd October two explosions occurred with ash to 1 km altitude. A night glow was observed at the crater. A 12 kilometre permanent exclusion zone is placed around the crater. The road between Santiago Xalitzintla (Puebla) and San Pedro Nexapa (Mexico State), including Paso de Cortes, is open only to controlled traffic.
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Friday 5th October 2012
Fuego Volcano, Guatemala
Eruptions continue at Fuego volcano, Guatemala. On 4th October 2012 incandescent emissions occurred at the crater to a height of 200 m, and avalanches extended 600 m down the flanks. Rumbling sounds were heard 15 km from the volcano. Ashfall was reported in Sangre de Cristo area.
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[link to www.volcanolive.com]
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