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Message Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
Poster Handle helperofbulla
Post Content
Some more of page two,,,,,,,,

Given you have read. To catch a Rainbow, series (one)
and conducted you experiment with your garden sprinkler in the park,
and you now having proved the basic understanding of what goes on
down upon Earth, I now take you through and into the spectrum of
time and if you have researched, or viewed
Michel Nostradamus, ROSE picture, then I take you for a test
flight with the” Bees” into the time spectrum, the time is some, 12000
odd years ago, when the knowledge within the ROSE picture was first
discovered, and Nostradamus has spoken to Robert Fludd and had
him faithfully record it all in 1633 etching the ROSE
We begin once again in the park, only this time at Sea in a full
blown glass out that looks flat like a mirror, for as far as one can see,
27miles to the horizon in all directions, its early, the dawn is breaking,
and the Luna Queen has spun her magic spell upon the Earth and the
oceans surface, the mists are thick, having convext out through the
surface tension of the oceans surface and now clings and hangs low
upon the ocean surface as if clinging to the mirrored surface of the
Then as mother nature provides the Solar King shows upon
the horizon to the East, as he joins hands with his partner, the Luna
Queen, in this magic moments within time, as within this partnership
that has continued as a continuum non stop 24 / 7 for billions of
years, the kings Electromagnetic strikes the Luna queens mist,
distorting her perfect spheres, into an Atomic shape,
The light (Electromagnetics) inters the spheres and explodes
inside with refraction @ atomic speeds and force, the fields of
relativity sense the change and responds by sending fields of waves,
that pulse at dynamic speeds and at that precise second the projector
comes on, a huge sheet of light, being polarized in to the earths
polarized grids, influenced by her huge forces exerted by her
Magnetic north and south poles blasts vertically skywards10mt thick
As the huge waves stretch out duplicating across the entire
expanse of the Queens mists also polarized in the north south as they
also leave Earth, traveling @ light speed and fire into the Western sky
disappearing at 10.30 o’clock above the horizon at there preordained
spacing of 9.99999 mt apart and as there speed increases, to the
naked eye they blur into one, with there power and fury as they obtain
the speed of light, ©
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