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Message Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
Poster Handle helperofbulla
Post Content
Some more of what I have in my archives.....

As they head for Earths Ionosphere, there home above
Earths Atmosphere where they will again join the force fields of the
ionosphere, meanwhile the huge blade of light generated, bursts out,
sky bound as a sheet of light,10 mt thick and 40miles wide at its base
and stretching across the full horizon to horizon like a massive fan
broad side to the solar King, vertically upwards ever upwards also
heading for home in the Ionosphere @ light speed
As it dose so it begins to feel the effects of the sideways
force , thatís being exerted by mother Earths, rotational speed of
27366 miles per hour at our equator, that is now sweeping the sheet
of massive light that extrapolated, and multiplied by the distance out
is now exceeding the speed of light many times over into the sun
And as it dose so it begins to collide with the Solar kings
oncoming Electromagnetics, and in doing so, within this collision the
Photons begin to split, causing Photonic fusion, and generating
Super Pranic magnetic, that then generates the Ionosphere and fields
As this is taking place its at home being the newest of more
than 50 other such precise same events already present, from across
the permanently lit face of mother Earth as she rotates 360 degrees,
like a frogs eye bathed in the Solar kings massive expanse as the sun
illuminates the entire universe that surrounds us. and the one side of
Earth being in permanent light while the other side is in permanent
darkness and all the Bowsuns and rainbows only accruing on the
light side, but all of Earths land and oceans getting an opportunity to
produce Rainbows and Bowsuns every 12 hours as Mother Earth
goes through her rotations within the lit universe
As an Array of 50 or so of the momentary Bowsuns blades are
swept round, together maintaining a stationary umbrella, generating
Earths fields of shields, and the everlasting force field that Earth
hides behind to protect herself from the ravages of the Solar Kings
direct fury of harmful atomic rays, and when harmful Solar flares
arrive, the shields increase there intensity of the force field and the
shields also intensifies, repelling the harmful rays, these shields look
like a ROSE when viewed from far off, precisely as Nostradamus
described them in outer space, See Nostradamus ROSE, sic ©
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