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Message Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
Poster Handle helperofbulla
Post Content
No,I will post the rest of the docs he sent me and move in hopes that someone will read them and make sense of them.

To catch a rainbow series (three) ©
Written by the worlds most authoritative author a
ASPY Sav-Ough Nature Philosopher Christopher Temp

We begin with why, how & when it rains This subject has avoided
mankind for a very long time, but I will explain it in very simple terms,
given you have already read. To catch a Rainbow (I &2) as this will fit very
easily into what you have already understood so far
You will remember that the Bowsuns only occur on clear skied days
all be it you could have a partial event, made up of percentage of both,
however when clear, your event is a Bowsun, and the very same event, when
clouds are overhead, causes a rainbow to be projected up and underneath the
cloud mass, that blocks it going any further, this is also a discharge process
while the Bowsun is The reverse being a charging process
When the Hetrodynamics of the Bowsun has terminated and left its
charge the results of which are called a Plume or hot spot, to visualize what
this looks like, its a big ball of magnetics, five eighths of which, penetrates
the ground and is bleeding into the grids and livens them up all the way to
the south or north poles depending in which hemisphere the event happened
in, the remainder sticks up and out of the ground and depending on the time
or generation span of the Bowsun event and of coarse how wide the mist
was, that governs the amount of waves were in the event, depends how big it
will be, it can also be dependent on how much charge is already within the
ground and or grids themselves, I should also mention here that you can and
do get part of a wave projections, out of a trickle of water only one (1)
millimeter wide given a full wave is 66.66666 mt in length, this is a fabulous
phenomena to research given a big one can have 20 miles of duplicated
waves end on end, and change the weather in the hole entire Hemisphere
For now we take an average size plume thatís been deposited and its
protruding up out of the earth its nominal, three eighths of its full diameter,
while the rest is down in the ground, now what you must understand is mist
being HydroH2o@ Atomic (6) and its weight is 6, and being cloud, it just
loves Pranic force super magnets, its attracted by it, and is drawn to it, and
with a big plume it can attract the Hydro from thousands of miles away a
really big one can change the entire Hemispheres weather ©
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