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Message Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
Poster Handle bulla
Post Content
bulla supports hands off the freedom of the internet and we dont need protection and all our data is original and owned by bulla,

Dont make your buisness, of making money, my problem, or affect my freedom to publish important infomation, regarless of where it comes from or who

the proposal postulated will have fare reaching ramafacations in making data exposable due to ambiant claims by others impossible, the very essents and the beauty of the internet, is its deregulated format, that alows anyone to add comment regardless, and this is your freedom being seen and expressed in action on a fearless bases

once goverment gets its foot in the door then all manner of other regulations can and will be applied by the corrupt systems they opperate under, which is driven by money and greed, and corruption

it has nothing to do with wisdom or knowlage, infact this currant attempt to regulate, is a hidden ajenda, and is only using the film industry as a cover to get control of the freedom of the internet its another china syndromedamned,

we have a free way to express ourselves lets not lose it to some corrupt goverment, or CHINA syndrome

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