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Message Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If the sun cannot punch a hole in the ionosphere and earths protective shield, then man kind has no hope of doing so with so bunch of square Rombic set of wave arrays, that has not a hope in hell of even remotely getting close to the 66 Mt power wave length of light frequency

To this you could have a bigger effect with a set of wardrobe mirror doors than a bunched up set of radio wires, the frequency of which is designed to bounce back off the ionosphere and is meant for intelligence eavesdropping, you dont learn by transmitting stuff your learn by listening

And with an antenna that big you couldn't use it during the day as the QRM would send you insane, and just drown any singles out , so you can only use it at night, on the dark side of earth, so there is no Ionosphere there to punch a hole in, so those that think otherwise are talking a load of bollicks,
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