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Message Subject Bulla the Rainbow Man
Poster Handle bulla
Post Content
the above post was posted by bulla also, I thought I would further explain that its not Harrp causing climate change,

All be it, all climate is controlled by earths magnetic anomalies and her fields and grids and not by any global carbon release or indeed and greenhouse effect that's total hogwash, perpetrated by the Scientific fraternity, who dont know whether there ass is center bored or counter punched

In saying that, there are some who are looking at other causes, but I have yet to come across any, they are like rocking horse shit to find, as they keep a low profile out of fear of there own fraternity and the retribution it can wield amongst fraternity members, very much like religion, so if there is any new schools of thought or new knowledge it wont be coming from Ether of those fraternities, because they are so jammed up with there own petty beliefs and dogma there lucky if they can see the light of day, let alone anything new that might resemble the truth

Now for those that dont know me, it has been said that I am somewhat of a different thinker, and to this I dont come to you cap in hand, as I come with a vast knowledge on my chosen subjects, of which there are many, my favorite is Quantum Geo Physics and Quantum Atomic optics of Electromagnetics and Hydro H2o@ Atomic six(6) and Atomic refractory factors and Atomic crystallography

And to the above, much to the scientific fraternities amazement and discussed, I hold a Grand Shamans codex masters in and over the said subjects and that includes ancient history of the masters, who all held masters of same, that contains how the systems works and that also includes the forth dimension and the fields of relativity

And to those that think I am somewhat cheeky and big headed, and think they can put my knowledge under there test of fire, or pull it down,or prove it wrong then be my guest, but be warned your not dealing with some come in spinner or Luddite

To begin your learning curve perhaps we could start with the full operation and control manuals of GIZA Pyramid system, and precisely how it works and what it dose, and why it was built and by who
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