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Dream of airline crash

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User ID: 8508914
United States
01/16/2012 11:21 AM
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Dream of airline crash
89 dead
Continental Flight
Trophies scattered everwhere
New Orleans/Atlanta
Dark Clouds/Storm
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6817862
United States
01/16/2012 11:22 AM
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Re: Dream of airline crash
Thank you for sharing your very important dream. lol
Blue Skies

User ID: 1337548
United States
01/16/2012 11:26 AM
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Re: Dream of airline crash
Instead of thinking of speed of light needed to get from point A to B. How about the removal of what we see as light. Push it aside, part it, remove it. Almost like making a hole in a picture and stepping through to the other side.....I know crazy.
 Quoting: Blue Skies

you know blue that is not crazy, that is clever because light is only a portion of what is "there" and it is the slowest portion.

so if you throw away light and step forward there is still material to support your weight but you and it flow faster than light;

leap of faith

 Quoting: aether

That was a good video, showing how what we think we see is not always what is actually there. I really think their is a lot we do not see. Or do not allow ourselves to.1dunno1

Had a dream last night of looking out of a window and looking at the sky. There, barely visible was two UFO's. No one else saw them but me. They where cloaked I guess. Hiding in plain site. Always watching. The dream changes to me walking in the woods. I could see movement out of the corner off my eye. Yet when I turned to look. Their was nothing there. I was frightened at first. Had to tell myself that we are always being watched and that I would be okay.
Later looking at the sky saw a plane mainly red fall from the sky nose first. Seconds later a white plane with blue letters falling from the sky at a angle.Big ones 747's.....Pray to god that that never happens in real life......I just remember screaming NO, over and over.
 Quoting: Blue Skies

I had one a couple of nights ago.
Thread: Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology (Page 270)

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