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Message Subject Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!!
Poster Handle IS-BE
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Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a racist celebration here in Phoenix. You won't find many, if any, whites at the downtown celebration. When they try to celebrate with the "brothers", they are targeted and the violence starts. What is supposed to be a day of unity is used by the black community here, to divide. There was a lot of violence the last couple years, although not widely reported and it's almost always because the blacks don't want any whites celebrating "their day".

The sad part of it is, although they celebrate MLK, virtually none of them rise to the level he challenged them to. No, instead it is used as an excuse to keep the very thing alive that MLK was trying to abolish.
 Quoting: ruxpin

Hi Ruxpin,

Very good post!! You are so right.

It is very sad to see that after 40+ years after MLK's assassination we are not even close to his dream.
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