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Message Subject This is How Black People Meet
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm white and I actually believe in this. You know people throw around things like "white pride", "black pride", etc... I'd like to start a new a new one and call it "race pride". What is "race pride"? It's keeping races together. I'm not against inter-racial breeding. But I do think it's important that people have pride in their race. I feel this for selfish reasons and it's for the complete opposite reason why people are racist.

Racist people want the world to be "their" color. I want the world to maintain it's "colors". I think the world would be a very boring place if everyone is the same color.

I think there should be white only dating services, asian only dating services, black, hispanic, etc.. And I think there should be anything goes dating services.

Make sense?
 Quoting: ozone 11583973

There are plenty of asian, white, Hispanic or whatever dating services.

Specifically about black ones....there are plenty of white people on all of them. If anyone has ever used these services they will realize that there are all different races on all of them. You know why? Because a a lot of dating services are the same company, the website names just change in order to attract more of a certain race. You can got to (example) Amercan dating service...and it will be the same as blacklove.com..same profiles, same rules, same price...the name is just different in order to bring in more of that race. This is also the same with phone dating lines. Live links has only white people in the commercials... Vibe line has only black people in the commercials...but they are both the same exact dating line just advertised to different people. If you call one, then call the other, you will hear the same exact voice profiles you heard on the previous ones. It is all about advertising.
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