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Message Subject This is How Black People Meet
Poster Handle Discerning Eye
Post Content
List one dating site that references "white" or "Caucasian" in it? And, in regards to their commercial...it's all black ppl. I have no problem with any race dating, but this is clear segregation in the commercial/dating site the OP is referring to. If they allow all races, their marketing ploy suggests otherwise.

[link to www.speeddate.com]

Happy? Or is that not good enough for you??

Aren't the vast majority of commercials cast solely with white people? Name a company. Name a product. You'll find the commercial full of white people, yet I'm sure that is just conspiracy theory logic there, right?

It appears that weaker members of the majority always start to cry foul when members of minority groups deviate from the soothing sounds of self-loathing, instead and expressing a sense of pride and self-love.

The guise of supporting fairness and equality in your complaint is offensive. This service is making a way for members of a minority group to meet very similar members of that same group, something that, statistically speaking these days, is difficult. It apparently is a truth that holds up even with the majority, as dating services advertise plenty of white couple "success stories" on a daily basis.

Get over yourself, friend. If it comforts you, start a whitepeoplemeet.com. I guarantee you, most Americans won't even bat an eye.iamwith
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