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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I always thought this about beer. So I drink European beer.

[link to www.celluliteinvestigation.com]

Foods with Fluoride

non-organic poultry products, especially mechanically de-boned chicken such as chicken nuggets, ground chicken, chicken hot dogs, etc.; also, chicken soup made from bones (fluoride from pesticides on feed accumulates in bones, fat, and skin)

sardines, canned salmon, etc. where bones are eaten along with the rest of the fish (I did not eat these foods when I was dealing with fluoroderma so I can not verify if they caused outbreaks or not. I recently bought a can of sardines to conduct a self-experiment… I will let you know how it goes)

cereal (when made from fluoridated water during the extrusion process)

produce sprayed with cryolite (including grapes, potatoes, broccoli, squash, berries, lettuce, tomatoes, citrus fruits and several other common fruits and vegetables)

foods sprayed with sulfuryl fluoride (fumigant used in food warehouses; food products are not removed from the facility when fumigation is conducted)

foods cooked with fluoridated water, such as rice, pasta, steamed vegetables, etc.
Beverages with Fluoride

fluoridated water (some well water has high amounts of fluoride, but this isn’t common in the U.S.)

tea (fluoride-based pesticides accumulate in tea leaves)

wine (from cryolite pesticide sprayed on grape crops in California)

soft drinks, beer, etc. (when made with fluoridated water)

certain fruit juices (from pesticides or fluoridated water added to the juice from concentrate)
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