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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.swhydro.arizona.edu]

N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) was
first identified in drinking water as a
contaminant in the late 1990s. Because it
is a potential human carcinogen, numerous
subsequent studies have examined its
occurrence, sources, and toxicity…

Toxicology studies have shown that
NDMA causes carcinomas and tumors of
the esophagus, nose, and liver in rodents.
The U.S. EPA has listed NDMA as a
probable human carcinogen, and it is on
California’s Safe Drinking Water and
Toxic Enforcement Act list of chemicals
known to cause cancer or birth defects
or other reproductive harm. Chronic
exposure is linked to liver disease.

[link to books.google.com]

The use of chlorine in the water treatment process creates a risk of forming se¬veral potentially dangerous by-products. The most important by-products, grou¬ped according to structural similarity are:

Trihalomethanes: chloroform, bromodichloromethane, chlorodibromomethane, bromoform

Haloacetonitriles: bromoacetonitrile.dibromoacetonttrile.dichloroacetonitrile,

Haloorganic acids: chloroacetic acid, dichloroacetic acid, trichloroacetic acid;
monobromoacetic acid, dibromoacetic acid, bromochloro-
acetic acid.bromodichloroacetic acid, dibromochloroacetic
acid.tribromoacetic acid

Haloaldehydes: dichloroacetaldehyde,trichloroacetaldehyde

Haloketones: 1,1-dichloropropanone, 1,1,1-trichloropropanone, I,l-di-
chloro-2-butanone, l,l,2-trichloro-2-butanone

Chlorophenoles: chlorophenol, 2,4-dichlorophenol, 2,4,6-trichlorophenol Others: chloropicrine, cyanogen chloride

…This problem should be treated with great concern, due to the fact that several nitrosoamines are carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic. In particular, NDMA has been classified by the USEPA as B2 class compound (probable human carcinogen).
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