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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Perhaps we could discuss here all the ways to avoid fluoride.

I know it can't be removed by any normal filters like Brita, etc. They remove chlorine but not fluoride. Weird, huh?
It seems to be a very stubborn material.

As far as I know reverse osmosis is the only way to remove it from water and it gets like 99%. 100% would be nice.

How do we get it out of foods? Or can we find foods without it?

How do we combat this plague on our health and minds?
 Quoting: Nobleone

Just search for flouride filters. There are one or two companies that produce a comprehensive water filter with flouride filtering media added. Otherwise, you have to buy a separate flouride filter and put it "in-line" with your other filter. The media last about 6 months before replacement is needed.

To detoxify your system of current flouride load, begin taking Iodide/iodine via Lugol's solution 2drops in water 3x daily.

Then add some zeolite or benotonite clay or both.

Then add a high quality chelated Cal-Mag to your diet with a greater ratio of Mag to Calcium. Or better yet take Aquamin which is a Cal mag supplement from seaweed with natural holostic ratio's including 70 trace minerals.

A couple months of this and your pineal gland should be decalcified and the flouride stored in organs and fat should be on its way to insignificant levels as long as you reduce flouride uptake from the hidden sources such as foods prepared with flouridated water (non-organic breads and cereals), vegetables need to be soaked/washed in something like "Environne: Fruit and Vegetable wash" to remove pesticides waxes and other chemicals.
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