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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fluoride - A Toxin to Avoid

# A Chinese study found children who drink fluoridated water have lower IQs than those who don't. Many villages and cities in China have natural fluoride levels that are high, and Chinese scientists have found a lower intelligence, measured at drop of10 IQ points, in fluoridated cities.

# An article in the journal Epidemiology showed that children drinking water with EPA-approved fluoride levels had problems with reading and writing.

# One study of rats found a significant reduction in the brain receptor for learning and memory - the same receptors reduced in early Alzheimer's disease. While drinking fluoridated water is not the cause of Alzheimer's, there appears to be a link.

# Fluoride added to water in the presence of even small amounts of aluminum caused severe destruction of brain cells in the part of the brain controlling learning and memory.

Article Source: [link to EzineArticles.com]
 Quoting: 11.11.11

I have also heard that if you limit fluoride intake the system may decalcify then memory and cognitive ability can return, but it may take a year or more.

Has anyone seen any info on this aspect?
 Quoting: Nobleone

My aforementioned prescription takes care of this decalcification process at the pineal gland.

1.Lugol's solution. 2 drops 3x day.

2.Plus magnesium and calcium, especially from Aquamin Calmag.

3. Zeolite (powder) 1tsp in 8OZ warm water AND OR Bentonite clay (Pascalite from Wyoming is best) 1tsp in same water.

The iodide combined with chelated calcium and magnesium gradually remove the flouride and inorganic calcium deposits. The zeolite and bentonite capture and facilitate full excretion of the bad calcium flouride and various toxins from other zones in the body (flouride related or not) that will detox from iodide use.

Results vary depending on current degree of calcification, and current intake of flouride containing substances as described in previous post, and I recommended a superior product for removing some of these flouride based pesticides from fruits and veggies.

Some people feel results in as little as a month, others take a year.
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