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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here is a good source for non-fluoride toothpaste
that ships world-wide-
[link to www.iherb.com]

Shipping is as low as $4 for the first pound
on international orders-
[link to www.iherb.com]

You can also save $5 on first time orders using
coupon code BES696.

Dont forget to nab some free samples when
ordering too-
[link to www.iherb.com]

I agree with you that it is difficult to keep
up with the level of toxins that are in the
food and health products we consume. Every little
bit helps though to keep the levels down or out
of our bodies completely....



Thanks for the thread OP - faved for later :-)

I struggle to find non fluoride toothpaste - in mainstram supermarkets it's been removed for yrs in the Uk and Ireland.
Healthfood shops sell it mainly...or online.

Fluoride is also in natural water sources so worth getting a test kit to check levels.

Flouride filters are something i looked into getting - they're one of the higher priced filters you can buy - not surprisingly - afterall they must 'shove in' abit of enterprise while killing off the populus slowly..lol...

I have a 'candle' type water filter housing - it takes four candle shaped filters...which can be interchanged to have one fluoride candle and 3 ceramic pathogen/bacterial candles. The fluoride candles are around £100. Alot of money considering the ceramic charcoal ones cost around £30.
So it's great industry to sell fluoride filters!

Gaaaah...it really grates me..this bullshit of the PTB and their obvious intent to poison us in as many ways as possible!

Some wouldn't believe that there are poisons in their soaps, perfumes, deodorants, foods, clothing, mattresses, all furniture, i mean...and i'm NOT exaggerating (sadly)..literally every commercial product normally harbours some kind of poison. That 'new car smell'...lol it's toxic...highly. We're being bombarded with toxins and most folk know they are not operating 'optimally'...not surprising considering the first hour of being awake the average person consumes tens and tens of toxic chemicals...with each spray of Lynx deodorant, or perfume...to shower gel...laundered clothes...all loaded with chemicals that 'tax' the human immune system - leading eventually to a depleted defence mechanism against bacterial infections and viruses...open to depleted health and disease.

It's hard to switch to products that actually nourish you. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack in the average supermarket.
It's taken me years to learn and collect info on toxic ingredients that are generously used in commercial products. When you research into the studies done of these ingredients and the effects they have on you...it's horrifying really.

Poison may be a tad harsh - but in a sense anything that is toxic to the human body, is infact, incrementally, a poison to the system.

I'm left in pure awe of the human body and it's ability to endlessly try to rebuild itself from toxic load...truly. But eventually it does give way to the load and symptoms of disease start to show.

Self-sufficiency is really what you become to realise it the only option. Yet it is the hardest..you have to change your lifestyle completely, and most, understandably, cannot do that now we are so entrenched in a 'toxic' way of life.

I'm not sure it's possible to be completely 'toxin-free' in these times - afterall, even in an idyllic paradise, the very air you breathe is of a toxic world.

There is cleaning to be done - on many levels - swimming upstream against a tide of pure poison is difficult but essential at this point in humanity.
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