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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle A Muse Me
Post Content
oh its ShillAirlines. Our thread has too much truth in it !!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1309513

It does now that I posted the original study...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

"And after you found out all this, would it surprise you that federal health agencies have known these facts for years, but have been controlled by the political interests of the nuclear arms, aluminum, and phosphate manufacturers to keep it a secret?

Why would they do that? So that a toxic industrial waste could be passed off on the public as a nutrient with necessary health benefits, to the tune of $10 billion a year or more going in the pockets of these industries rather then they having to spend that amount to dispose of it properly as a toxic waste."
 Quoting: A Muse Me

Better stop drinking bottled 'Spring Water', because most deep well water has more naturally occurring fluoride (as 'fluorine') than the public water supplies you are complaining about...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

Silly, I was just responding to the shill aspect of it. Then why not just mine the flourine then? Seems kinda round about to derive it as an industrial waste from the above industries. Oh right. I forgot. We donít mine it directly here in the States because of regulations.
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