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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw one of those 'unsolved mystery' type shows on TV once, the ones with the re-enactments and all the bad acting where they actually interview the investigators and all. This particular episode was about a deranged husband that for some reason had it out for his wife.

She apparently became quite ill and with time grew increasingly sicker. She was always nauseous and was having severe pains. So she finally contacted law-enforcement or perhaps the FBI and told them about her sickness and the harsh arguments she had been having with her husband.

Long story short, they set up a sting at her house. When he came over, she went into the next room while he mixed the usual drink. The cops were in the next room with a camera. After receiving the drink she went to the restroom where she swapped glasses. The glass and drink were later tested and were found positive for arsenic/cyanide/or something along those lines (they had him on hidden camera in the kitchen)

The man was arrersted, tried, and found guilty of atttempted murder. My point is how is this any different than them poisoning our water supply a little each day. This is a crime against humanity and the number of perpetrators is outstanding. From state and local legislators to the the workers at your regional water treatment center and the actual product suppliers.

How many of your legislators do you think are licensed physicians?

How many do you suppose haven taken the time to set up laboratories in their garages in order to perform long-term field studies on the subject?

Think about it.
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