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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Calcifies the Pineal Gland, where our soul lives. Our temporary 3D body doesn't matter in the slightest. . .only our soul. We are our soul, and it lives for eternity.

When Satan, Illuminati minions, calcify our pineal gland - it BLOCKS us from the source of light, truth, and love. Throw away fluoride toothpaste, don't drink soda, juice, water. And, milk in moderation.

Their goal is to disconnect us from God - and for us to lose our eternal life. Satan is collecting eternal slaves. He has no other option. Than to rule and suffer people at his pleasure.

Sorry, Satan, . . .you could NEVER become your Father. You should have been submissive to your Father. You would have had it ALL.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6478725

Where was that in the bible?,i'm guessing another Heathen who follows false prophets, well according to the Bible you should be stoned to death, say hi to Satan when Jesus sends you to hell.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9069351

Where was "what" in the Bible ? Fluoride DOES calcify our pineal gland where our SOUL lives. That is a fact. You are your soul. You are a shape and a color, an "energy/spirit" that is experiencing a 3D body.

You are not a body experiencing a spirit. A spirit experiencing a temporary body. Our souls are being tested in these temporary 3D bodies. Believe it or not. Trust me, don't. The rabbit hole for shameful people can be scary.

Follow False prophets ? . . .Jesus was GOD. jewish people were the old covenant people who were delusional. God divorced them forever. Old Israel/Jerusalem is OVER. They serve God's enemy. They have no chance at salvation.

And, yes, they wanted to stone me before. But didn't.
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