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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Yeah, I'm such a bad reader and thinker that I managed to become my class valedictorian and am read by tens of thousands of people worldwide in my field.

In any case, the increased uptake once again refers to the tracer they are using - fluoride. In other words, if someone has calcification occurring in their coronary arteries then that is probably a risk factor for heart disease.

Fluoride binds with calcium. That's why they are using it as a tracer for CAT scans. They inject you with it so it will bind with any calcification deposits and then scan you.

If the CAT scan shows increased uptake of that tracer in your coronary arteries then chances are you have calcification going on there and are at risk for heart disease.

Of course, if you weren't a grade A moron you would've read it properly instead of twisting their words to fit your fantasy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8954905

LOL. A valedictorian of Shilltard University?

If you were so smart you would be able to take it a step forward and realize the addition of a salt to a person's bloodstream, a person who already has arterial calcification especially, will result in an INCREASE in the arterial accretions due to the affinity of various NA-FL salt compounds to lodge there, as PROVEN by that study.

In addition these compound will also shed a fluoride ion or two which will bind with calcium either on the plaque, or creating a INSOLUBLE Calcium fluoride. (see reference below)

Now while insoluble CAF2 is generally harmless, the process whereby it was created has just removed that free calcium's potential to do its proper work in regulating the nervous system, specifically by disrupting the homeostasis (proper exchange) of sodium and calcium ions across the plasma membrane of a cell. In other words, Fluoride encourages a short in the circuit by reducing free Calcium.

^ a b c I. M. Rabinowitch. Acute Fluoride Poisoning. Can Med Assoc J. 1945, 52, 345349. [1]

The mechanism of toxicity involves the combination of the fluoride anion with the calcium ions in the blood to form insoluble calcium fluoride, resulting in hypocalcemia; calcium is indispensable for the function of the nervous system, and the condition can be fatal. Treatment may involve oral administration of dilute calcium hydroxide or calcium chloride to prevent further absorption, and injection of calcium gluconate to increase the calcium levels in the blood.
 Quoting: Dragon Slayer 8951556

I'll tell you what I'm smart enough to do. I'm smart enough not to assume that drinking a miniscule amount of fluoride is going to cause heart disease based on the fact that directly injecting large amounts of fluoride into a person's bloodstream binds with the calcification that is already present.

I am also apparently smart enough to point out that this entire post is based on a lie. A misreading of the research done out of sheer stupidity or ideology.

I'm also smart enough to notice when faced with this fact none of you recognize the error and instead engage in the "baffle me with BS" maneuver that is easy to see through.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8954905

A minuscule (yes I spelled it correctly) amount of Fluoride? Really, Mr. Valedictorian?

So much for your edumacation.

Keyword = Bioaccumulation.

Water from drinking, water used in cooking beans/rice/pasta, water absorbed through skin in shower/bath, DAILY.

Fluoride concentrated in Cow's milk.

Fluoride salts aplenty in the pesticides concentrated in your cereal grains, vegetables, fruits. PROVEN.

Know any one who does NOT cook with "non-stick" coated pans? What about restaurants? Massive fluroride release every time they are heated. Airborne particulate and absorption into the food. Look it up.

Its in the soil everywhere there is a commercial farm, and in the air locally as well.

Furthermore, the OP of this thread said it was LINKED to Heart Disease, not "the cause". And it is certainly proven to have some link. I stand by my original assessment of your reading comprehension and deductive powers. Seriously lacking.
 Quoting: Dragon Slayer 8951556

Yeah, the OP can say it is "linked" to heart disease all he likes, but when he shows a link to a dumb website that totally misrepresents what the research paper showed then he isn't making his case.

The study had nothing to do with fluoride being linked to heart disease. It was simply showing a method of using fluoride as a tracer for CAT scans.

You are also welcome to talk about "bioaccumulation" until you are blue in the face. It is a popular word among morons who understand the general concept but don't realize how it applies in the real world.

Bioaccumulation requires that the rate of excretion is less than the rate of accretion. It requires sources high enough so that the equilibrium between gaining the substance and losing the substance is at a harmful level.

This has not been demonstrated with the miniscule levels of fluoride added to municipal water supplies.

But whatever, I doubt you have the intelligence to understand what I said or the wisdom to rely on proof rather than rumors and misrepresentations from conspiracy websites.

Your argument boils down to that fact that you've been brainwashed not to like something by stupid people using stupid arguments that only work on the stupid. You could say "anything" could "bioaccumulate" in your body to harmful levels, but unless you demonstrate it then your argument is full of hot air and demonstrates a remarkable lack of understanding of the real world.
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