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Message Subject IMPORTANT! - Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

It is a neurotoxin

And just as cell phones increase the risk of cancer, especially brain cancer, and many continue to use them regardless

...or aspartame...

or to ingest all the SSRI(s) and are loaded with fluoxetine....fluoride...as the rats are poisoned with the same...go and read for yourself what rodents and pests are killed with, by way of poison...

Amazing that the food giants, who manipulate OUR food, are the same ones who develop deadly chemicals or utilize waste products to fertilize, sterilize, or neutralize...the masses and the "pests" of the world...and having a thinking mind seems to make one a pest in these twisted times

Round up ready INDEED!!!

Same as that stuff...sterilizing many and killing many who could of spoke out...but cannot

Who can speak now or are they to entrained to the digital god?
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