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Message Subject QUITTING THE MACHINE!!! - Embracing Voluntary Poverty and Simple Living
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
bravo, my man!

follow that inner voice, you will be pleased.

it is your journey, so take it how YOU want to. with that said, reading your words, i would like to share some advice - do as you wish with it.

as much time as you spend upon your own physical health, work on your mental health.

the details of your transition will ultimately be decided by your outlook (no eye rolling, it really is that simple). you must truthfully listen to your own inner voice and decide if its words are coming from a place of fear or the opposite.

here is the equation:

fear leads to tension, tension leads to pain.

if you dont want pain, dont follow or listen to the fear.

easier said than done.

as you prepare for your move, note your fears whatever they may be.

then, when you are alone, really feel what it is like to have that happen. walk through it (start with simple fears), go down every rabbit hole. feel what it would be like. and then realize you are bigger than it.

(note: this is important. the reason for atheism is to dis empower (i dont subscribe to a religion, so i am not suggesting that either). but when one believes all their life is is THIS existence, then they will fear death. and if they fear death, they WONT live. get cool with death, other wise you will be a zombie.)

go through all your fears, so they lose their power. THEN you can do whatever you want. no matter what happens, you will know you will be fine (this must be an inner knowing, a feeling, it cant be purely intellectual, then it will be meaningless).

you are being driven from something inside to walk away from "comfort." you are awakening (to what, only you know). this is YOUR journey. embrace it. you are the hero of your own myth.

you got balls o'plenty.

put them into action and you will be rewarded, even if the reward is simply looking yourself in the mirror (and that SHOULD be good enough. though dont settle.)

walk tall, my brother.

(anyone who has ever done anything in their life, has done EXACTLY what your are thinking to do, albeit with a different setting. you are in good m-f'ing company.)
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