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Message Subject Why is it that we never hear black people talking about alien abductions ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's a few more questions for ya to wonder about:

A few questions which we may all speculation rationally upon:

1. Why is it that majority of the abducted victims aren't highly intelligent?

-Why not abduct someone with a Ph.D, or a philosopher? Or an engineer - or even a S.E.T.I. researcher? Seems like these are good ways to communicate. From what I understand, most victims of abductions are of average intelligence or "redneck". (Pardon my stereotyping, please.]

2. If they're attempting to clone, why bother? Scientists on meager Earth have already achieved successful hybrid cloning and standardized imitation.

-Scientists of multiple countries have successfully cloned cattle, cells, plants and even crossbred certain species. We've even managed to add or remove specific portions of DNA and such. Beyond their spacecraft technology (near the speed of light) and uneasy appearences, they don't seem very advanced. Why even show interest?

3. If they're attempting to invade, why wait? Or deal with a civilization with powerful weaponry?

-Don't get me wrong, our weapons are probably null compared to an alien technology. However, it's still formidable. Why bother? Seems useless. Finally, what is the purpose of waiting? I know we can't answer that, but it seems wasteful of "a greater intellect".

4. Pertaining to the first query, why inspect lower end specimens? That doesn't seem to forward research. In fact wouldn't you want a healthy, intelligent specimen for the highest results and observation?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8507651

Yanno what strikes me funny?

Is that these so-called intellectuals are self crowned so-called intellectuals and they need to have others throw accolades their way to feel accomplished.

Whereas, the so-called dumb people who have been abducted are usually just regular hard working folks who try to find joy in the basic of life.

Who's the dumb one?
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