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Message Subject Why is it that we never hear black people talking about alien abductions ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's a few more questions for ya to wonder about:

A few questions which we may all speculation rationally upon:

1. Why is it that majority of the abducted victims aren't highly intelligent?

-Why not abduct someone with a Ph.D, or a philosopher? Or an engineer - or even a S.E.T.I. researcher? Seems like these are good ways to communicate. From what I understand, most victims of abductions are of average intelligence or "redneck". (Pardon my stereotyping, please.]

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8507651

First off, there's a difference between intelligence and education. The one does not necessarily correlate to the other, as witness the burgeoning legions of degreed idiots being cranked out by academia.

But, allowing the validity of your supposition, consider this:

Tenured professors, engineers for companies with defense contracts, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs have their positions to consider and aren't nearly as likely to "go public" with their experiences. Many of these cases don't even get mentioned to therapists, and when they are mentioned don't go beyond the walls of the consultation rooms.

There's a guy named Shrum who's just "come out" regarding an experience he had while hunting in the Sierra Nevadas in the very early 1960's. He's been silent for decades due to having been working for a defense contractor at the time. Google "Aliens in the Forest".
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