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Message Subject Jesus Showed Me UFOs & Deception
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow, so much hate on this thread...

It is true, I believe it!!

Why? Because pretty much exactly one year ago I believed that aliens were our gods. I fell in to the 'Ancient Alien' craze; started watching all the episodes, bought a couple of books (chariots of the gods, etc.), I found glp and was highly interested in the alien threads, ufo sightings, etc.

I was an athiest.

But you know what? Weird things started happening and I started having 'divine interventions' if you may say that...eventually, God literally showed Himself to me, through my life, and people on this site, and He came down HARD...I couldn't deny Him. He told me that the alien deception IS real. It ALL falls in to place!!! It will be the biggest deception of mankind...

I just say, if you don't agree on something, don't spew out hate because you will be shown the truth if you soften your heart..
 Quoting: Eazy D

Is there a reason why God does not convey that information to all humans?
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