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vote by all means but will it count?

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User ID: 8122158
United Kingdom
01/22/2012 05:34 AM
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vote by all means but will it count?
not since the early 1960's has there been a president that has been good for america and it's people. since then every president put in charge has been involved with the criminal elites because thats the way it is. they have made sure that eveything go's in their favour. now that ron paul is out of the picture and gingrich is up there. i wonder how many real votes were cast his way. the point is what you need to do now is think about which one of the paid for candidates you want now because they all stand for the same thing. it's the personality your voting for now. i think you should keep obama because he is much cleverer than the others. the people have chosen not to have the constitution restored under paul so have opted for more of the same and worse. but if you are going to have more of the same then at least have someone who is clued up about stripping you of your rights as a citizen. obama is doing a good job better than any of the others can do, he's more efficient at f***ing you in the ass. anyway why bother voting it's all rigged and everyone knows it. i'm glad i moved away from america but i feel for my family who are still there when the shit hits the fan and it will. the elites are evil and will hurt the american people more than any other. stop lobbying and stop campaigning because you have this illusion that you can make a differance when you can't. the person who is in the whithouse next year will be the elites choice and not yours. so why bother
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 9208805
United States
01/22/2012 05:36 AM
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Re: vote by all means but will it count?
If voting mattered it would be illegal.