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The Illuminati is REAL with Proof Vatican Takeover Revealed

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01/22/2012 02:20 PM
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The Illuminati is REAL with Proof Vatican Takeover Revealed
I am not for or against this topic its just a topic for disscution.....

Many people through out the Internet, always comment on videos and blog articles saying that there is no proof that the secret order of the Illuminati is real. This is terribly false, and even if they don’t believe that their favorite entertainers or politicians are Illuminati (which they probably are), that doesn’t mean that it is a fake secret society and there is no proof of their existance. This is a video series about the movie Angels and Demons. The narrating is done by Patrick Macnee, and it shows a lot of proof on how the KGB infiltrated the Vatican, and shows how they ultimately got a Pope on the inside. This was all done under the Illuminati’s orders. Here is the video series, it is a 7 part series, and I think it silences all nay sayers and critics. Do you think the Illuminati is a conspiracy theory? Well its conspiracy fact. Get over it. The evil organization is taking over our planet, and its leaders could even be from another planet. This video series is very eye opening and I ask you to pass it to everyone you know. People saying that the Illuminati doesn’t exist, are probably Illuminati themselves.

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