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Strange Sound Phenomena: War of the Worlds PsyOp

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User ID: 9371045
01/23/2012 06:50 AM
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Strange Sound Phenomena: War of the Worlds PsyOp
"I noticed listening to the videos of the strange sounds that have been happening all over the globe, that in many instances they sound just like the Tripods in Spielberg’s version of War of the Worlds."


"Some are speculating that this has to do with ‘Project Bluebeam’ and a staged alien invasion, using holograms. Whether that is related to this incident or not (and it is basically a real plan, as this shows), the theatrics point, in my estimation, to a human origin. Remember that the Orson Welles staged alien invasion used War of the Worlds! And that incident, many researchers claim, was itself a social engineering test. The fake alien propaganda story goes back to precisely the H.G. Wells era, and who but another film director, the modern wizard, to carry on the other Welles’ tradition? I vote for a human psy op, using Tesla-type technology."

[link to jaysanalysis.com]