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why the Illuminati was created at the same time as the american revolution.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/23/2012 06:43 PM
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why the Illuminati was created at the same time as the american revolution.
i always wondered how the Illuminati was created at about the same time as the american revolution. and how it ties in with the pyramid on the dollar bill and the layout of DC in the shape of baphomet.

this thread explains it pretty well...
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Bavarian Illuminati founded may 1,1776
Declaration of Independence created July 1776
US Constitution created 1787
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

...Mr. Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild Banking Empire; by this time, owned the King! Mr. Bauer had
extended unlimited credit to the King and arranged contracts with him, which permitted the Rothschild Tax Collectors to
represent and collect the Kings Tax from the Kings subjects. [This is the origin of the concept behind the establishment
of the IRS]. It was Bauer who suggested to King George that he enforce a Tax against the Colonists in the New World,
since the tax being collected in England was barely enough to pay the interest on the Kings loans. When English
soldiers refused to fight; Mr. Bauer negotiated a contract with unemployed Russian/Germanic soldiers, to fight for King
George, at a cost of 50¢ a day. Bauer then informed King George that he had hired these soldiers in the Kings name
but at a cost of $1.00 a day!.....Mr. Bauer wanted
to expand his Banking Empire into the Colonies. He discovered that the Colonist didn’t trade in gold or silver but used
script as the basis of their economy! The script money used, were promissory notes printed by the Colonists. All the
Colonists agreed that they would consider these notes, the lawful currency of the colonies. Mr. Bauer wanted gold or
silver and induced the King to demand that his Tax in the Colonies be paid in gold or silver! It was that condition, “that
broke the camels back” and caused the “Boston Tea Party!” “Whoever controls the money – controls the country!” .........Surreptitiously, King George infiltrated the Colonies and their feudal attempt to form a new government, using spy’s’
composed of English lawyers and English aristocrats, loyal to him. The spy’s assignment was to infiltrate the new
government; carry out the plan to defeat the Colonists through debt and establish regular reports to the King!.......The Founding Fathers eventually conceded to King George and the Holy Roman Church’s demands, by and through
the intervention and persuasiveness of the Kings spy’s. Ironically, the common denominator or glue that eventually
bound King George, the Founding Fathers, the English lawyers and English aristocrats together was a secret society
called the “Illuminati.” Even Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin, were members of the Illuminati! This secret society had
a criminal and deadly past in Europe and in America they were eventually renamed, “The Free and Accepted Masons.”
The majority of the regular membership of the Free and Accepted Masons; do not know about the “Illuminati influence”
within their rank and file! The Illuminati members operate out of special secret societies separate from the regular
Masonic membership and are found in every branch of the Free and Accepted Masons of the World!........The Declaration of Independence is another story omitted from our American history books. Of the fifty-one men
involved in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, twenty-one were actually (traitors) and on the Kings payroll.
During the Revolutionary War;
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1418767
United States
01/23/2012 06:51 PM
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Re: why the Illuminati was created at the same time as the american revolution.
seems the Illuminati may have been created to act as spies for King George as the colonies was starting to assert independance. and rothchild bank wanted influence in the colonies.