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Message Subject Iran Says Closing The Strait Of Hormuz Is Now Its Legal Right
Poster Handle Jessme2
Post Content
Is this all that is going to happen? Them jibber jabbering back and forth

Iran "We are going to close the Strait if you sanction us!"

U.S/Nato "You better not or you will meet the consequences"

Iran" Ok, now we really are going to do it!"

U.S/Nato " You shouldn't or else...."

Iran"Ok. Now. This time we are for sure going to do it"

U.S/Nato"I wouldn't do that If i were you"

And on and on we go endless BS. Is anyone good for their word these days. Bunch of boy cry wolves. I am not for war but whats with all the verbal masterbation?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7221911

What's up with all the sabre rattling? Well, it's like this. You ever seen two young hoods before they fight, how they taunt one another for a while to work up their courage by saying how badass they are? That's what's happening here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9491056

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