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Nancy Pelosi is a terrorist

User ID: 9557309
United States
01/25/2012 10:29 AM
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Nancy Pelosi is a terrorist
while all the money is spent to fight a war that won't be won thanks to the area it's in and the loss of human life, Americans could take a huge chunk out of the talibans ass just by locking Pelosi away in a cold dark pit. That bitch is so power hungry, she came right out for the 2nd time and made a threat on camera and no one called her on it. Her and her but monkey crew will destroy what is left of America if she is allowed back into the spot of speaker of the house the last time she was there she was drunk with power and ruined many peoples lives now she wants to finish the job. Since her and the rest of the dumb ass democrats took over they destroyed the US then once it started to recover slowly but still getting better now is when she wants back in to complete the terrorist act she started in 2007. Hey Homeland security get your heads out of your ass and arrest that bitch for conspiracy and treason she might as well be osama bin laden 2.0


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