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Message Subject Scientists prove conspiracy theorists are nuts
Poster Handle KlLLUMINATI
Post Content
I believe it's a meter of perspective. You can give two different people some white papers from the rand corporation and you will get two different perspectives. Evil is often benign...Just ask the Germans why they sat back while their government tried to genocide a race of people...I'm sure they called people who were concerned "conspiracy theorists" too.

It's all about the frame of mind couple with ones overlapping moral sense.

Do the ends justify the means?? Thats at the root.

Also look up COINTELPRO and tell me that the government doesn't actively try to destroy political movements that challenge the statueqou...look at what the media has done with that Ron Paul fellow.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1127413

im sure that there are some "conspiracies" the thing is not every bad thing that happens is not a conspiracy believing in conspiracies and rejecting coincidences is more comforting than facing up to the fact that some things just happen. Conspiracy theorists see little merit in simplicity to them it suggests feeble-mindedness.
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