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Message Subject Breaking: USDA confirms WARM LATITUDES move north = New PLANTS will grow = Russia North Pole
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the important analysis is a Northwestern twist of magnetic North, and hence some predictability in the warmth of certain zones, but most likely a cooling of others. It may not be stable, so for anyone in agriculture, then those farmers could be fooled by the change. An increase in warm temperatures may also mean a loss of moisture from evaporation. We could get hotter and dryer, in the USA especially as a result of the drought too.

So what difference could it make? Well increased uncertainty means mistakes will most likely result in adapting to the changing patterns. That usually means less than optimal crop yields and higher prices.

Those wild game or livestock in the changing zones will have to adapt too, so it could really affect their numbers. Already we had a mild winter, so more deer survived. That's not necessarily good unless they also can survive on what minimal plants are around, but we might have far more come hunting season. Or any animals that prey upon them might be able to feed better.

With more deer, and a collapsing economy, it stands to reason that more people will be hunting since the odds of acquiring an animal may be greater. So I would expect to see more articles on that phenomena. More hunting rifles, more long rifle ammunition geared towards that purpose. More gear.

Warmer weather could affect any outside activity like construction, what little is going on.
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