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Message Subject Breaking: USDA confirms WARM LATITUDES move north = New PLANTS will grow = Russia North Pole
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Magnetic poles shifting do not have any effect on climate, the axis of the earth's rotation would have to change to angle the northern parts of the planet closer to the sun. Anyone who takes a glance at their clock at sunset would know that the earth's axis of rotation has not changed. Furthermore, pole shifts could not cause an ice age. This change is in response to global climate change, or global warming as some of you may call it. The rest of you can enjoy continuing to deny it is happening.

Early sunrise in Greenland is due to lower ice caps which caused the horizon to be lower. This can be verified by physical measurements of the ice caps. The only other serious explanation offered that would not conflict with the position of the sun at other points on the planet is that atmospheric CO2 levels or other phenomenon have caused the suns rays to bend at a greater degree near the ice cap causing the illusion of the sun appearing over the horizon.

For any of you interested in subduing your fears that our planet is rolling on its axis, go ahead and look in your local newspaper what time sunrise was for you today, then look in your newspaper archives for the time it was the year prior. If those two times are the same, then you are at the same angle to the sun as you were the year prior.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9664906

Who's talking about axis?????

I thought we were talking about the magnetic field and if it has an impact on weather. I didn't mention an axis change. My gosh a tiny axis change would result in catastrophe.
 Quoting: HopeisEssential

I do not believe I said that the magnetic poles or fields of the earth do not change. A tiny axis change doesn't result in anything, it happens all the time during large earthquakes. The video you posted has nothing to do with changing of the position of magnetic poles and the climate, because they have no relationship. As I stated before, the only way to MOVE the warmer climates northward is if the earth's angle of inclination towards the sun caused areas further north to face the sun more directly. The reason the equator is hotter than the poles is because the equator faces the sun more directly, and therefore receives a greater dose of sunlight, whereas at the poles, the sunlight only comes in at an angle, therefore they get less, and more of the heat is reflected away.

The reason I mentioned the earth's axis changing is because of the OP drawing some type of conclusion about the sun rising early in greenland as if that meant greenland was oriented more towards the sun than usual.

People who frequent a conspiracy theory website should at least be smart enough and incorporate enough real science into their beliefs that their conspiracy theories can be plausible. When a conspiracy theory is based on nothing more than nutjobbery and irrelevant conclusions, it does nothing for the credibility of the theorist. You might as well be running for the Republican Presidential nomination saying that god told you to run for president. Go ahead, google how well that has worked for them in recent years.
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