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Message Subject So whats the "Law of 13s" by the Illuminati's NWO plans on the "Deep Web"?
Poster Handle Abraxas
Post Content
The law of 13 is simple. We are now in the 11 as in the 11th month, September. December is 12 as in the 12th month.
12 of 2012 will have a special signifigance as you will all see, the veil will be lifted and many will Choose to see as what was once hidden is now available for a glimpse.
January, 1st, 2013 - Jan 13th, 2013 will be when the real fun begins.

12 plus 1 =..... you guessed it.

It actually has a lot to do with the ancient Akkadian calander and rules of staff/law. Study these things and you will have a better understanding.
Remember that the Judeo, Christian and Catholic system is just a conglameration of far older beliefs and systems, gathered together for the control of the "Universal" as in empire.
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