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Message Subject So whats the "Law of 13s" by the Illuminati's NWO plans on the "Deep Web"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.brotherhoodofsatan.com]

1) The Ancestors of our Dark Craft should always be remembered, for they guide and
protect us from the Shadows.

2) Always honor and respect another of the Brotherhood, regardless of rank or knowledge, or gender. For we are the true daughters and sons of Satanís Family together and united in the Darkness.

3) Always honor the Old Ways of our Dark Craft by observing the 4 Black Sabbats.

4) Attend the Traditional Satanic Black Mass once a year to have communion with Satanas and His Demons.

5) Sign the Blood Covenant of Satanas to show your true dedication to Satanas and the Brotherhood.

6) Membership in the Brotherhood is for life unless you are expelled and stripped of your
office or title by the Satanic Illuminati Council for abuse or misuse of your honored status in the Brotherhood.

7) Always support the concepts of Satanic Unity and Satanic Brotherhood realizing that we must be strong and united in our ideals against those without.

8) Always keep secret that which is entrusted to you to know and to understand by the Brotherhood and its members.

9) Guard the Mysteries of Satanas well, but reveal them to those that deserve them.

10) Always honor yourself first because you as a member of the Brotherhood are so honored as such.

11) Be a Active part of the Brotherhood, for we have always been those that know and those that do.

12) Do not keep wisdom from others in the Brotherhood but instead always strive to share your Wisdom and Knowledge.

13) Remember always that Knowledge is Power and Knowledge used with Wisdom is what makes us all great. For we are the BROTHERHOOD, and our names and words are written in the Book of Satanas and we are Immortal.

You're welcome..
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