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Message Subject So whats the "Law of 13s" by the Illuminati's NWO plans on the "Deep Web"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Interesting... i really haven't heard of this..


I have realized that the brain-dead public that thinks the internet is Social Media, Twitter(twits), instagram etc etc have destroyed search results by putting so much trash on the interenet which search results find faster.

I've found myself having to really dig and be specific about some information to even find it anymore.

Also i have noticed that allot of my searches have less meat than they use to on Google. I also think allot of results are filtered to an extent purposely. I'll randomly use something like Hotbot or yahoo to see how many different search results pop up.

Allot of the same terms i use to use to search different subjects just don't turn out the results.

Allot of the brain dead internet has overpowered the better information out there, as if the trash was covering the heaps of wonderful information out there.
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