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Message Subject Have You Fucked Your Androgynous Angel Today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I still dont understand who was trying to kill who :I
I had this crazy dream last night though
 Quoting: Michael_

Maybe I will be able to follow you this morning. Hilos and Kathryn lost me from the get go. Do tell.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1492096

it wasnt erotic, sadly :p and maybe I should have said disturbing instead of strange.

I saw this strange man, he was almost invisible and was able to sneak up to these other men and kill them, before they saw him.
He somehow spotted me, and I saw his figure/outline upclose, I then popped back to my dads place, since I thought this guy was after me now, and I saw him outside, told my dad to stay back and grabbed a screwdriver?? to defend myself, he attacked I think, and I stabbed him in the arm and in the face I think? I was impossible to see, since he was just a shadow.
Then he was gone and I woke up.
I usually dont use force in my dreams, I just run or take the abuse haha
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