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Well the only thing I can add is anecdotal...

I get 'solar flare' headaches. I had one today, as a matter of fact -- mentioned it to my husband at the time and said, I wonder if we just had a solar flare.

On the day of the dreaded M9, I got no headache at all. NONE and I expected a blistering one. The only explanation I can come up with as to why the M9 produced no headache, but any C class flare (or even the B flare we had today) gave me headaches, sometimes bad enough that I needed some ibuprofen to get rid of them, is that *maybe* when it happened, I was inside a concrete building with a metal roof. But I can't corroborate that for sure since I didn't know we'd had the M9 until two days later (because I was so busy last weekend that I didn't even get on GLP or any other internet at all).

Sorry its not more conclusive -- but I was puzzled why I hadn't gotten a whopper of a headache that day -- I should have gotten a migraine based on how strong a headache I get when there are higher C flares.

*edit to add: I have noticed on C flare days, that even being inside my building at work is not quite enough to keep me from having a headache at all -- just diminishes it. So even if I was inside during the M9 I still should have felt something, and I didn't at all :-/
 Quoting: tandym

If I were you I would rule out your headaches being caused by Solar Flares if the last M Flare and X Flare along with the prolonged Proton Storm larger than any since 2003 appeared to cause you no ill effect and as most every Day we have C Flares and sometimes alot of them,this would leave you with almost continuous headaches.

Perhaps you are sensitive to all the Microwaves from Cellphones and WIFI that are jamming up the background Hz?
 Quoting: Spittin'Cesium

I'm open to other causes -- if it weren't for the fact that a couple of months ago I was sitting at my desk and got a sudden sharp headache (and since I had already begun correlating them to solar flares) right THEN opened up the 1-minute data display on x-ray flux and SAW the spike as it happened, I would probably think that it was no big deal.

But I had posted before on other threads that I can tell a significant difference in how I feel when the flares hit based upone where I am when they happen:

outside: overheating & headache
in my car: sudden headache
in my jeep with hard top -- like the sudden headache in the car, but more extreme (today when the B flare hit, I was in the jeep with my husband)
at home: headache -- may need ibuprofen depending on how prolonged the flare is
at work: negligible effects usually (I work in a very solid & large building, standard concrete construction with metal roof covered with tar and rocks)

I know that correlation is not causation -- but this isn't coincidence either. The headaches started at the end of 2010... they got better for awhile, then started up again. I started making the correlation (and logging on to spaceweather to check) back in October 2011.

By no means do I believe that solar flares are the 'sole' cause of my headaches (which until the end of 2010, I rarely even had).
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