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We are experiencing a proton storm from the x-flare on thursday night. This is currently winding down.

The snow on the pics is and effect of the protons that are bombarding the cameras on the satellites of Lasco 2 and Lasco 3. When this happens the satellite's computerized systems could be shut down intentionally to protect them or they might shut down automatically as this type of storm is detrimental to these systems. When this happens, even though the data looks like it is registering, it is not accurate at all.

However, ACE should be back on line by now and the data should be good, unless there was some damage to the equipment from the proton storm.

Or as you said....the data could be manipulated!

Here is a site where you might find information about this:
[link to mysolaralerts.blogspot.com]

This is a post about the ACE and the flare previous to the X-class:
We wanted to do a quick post as to the situation with the ACE Satellite data.
Often, while watching a solar event, we hear people complain that the ACE data has stopped working. This is due to ACE being put into safe mode, in order to protect the sensors aboard the satellite. If the sensors are online and working when a significant solar event occurs, the sensors could be badly damaged.

Update Jan 25 @ 16:45 :
ACE is now back up and running. We started receiving data from ACE once more at around 10:00 UTC today. At 1st glance, it would appear that as reported below, the CRIS Image Intensifier did power off at 023-07:46:38, and has now powered back on.

The link to this posting:
[link to mysolaralerts.blogspot.com]
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