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Why is it every time there is some kind of solar activity going on, you GLP physicists from grandmas basement always come out of the wood works with some bogus "SOLAR DATA PAGE COMPLETELY CENSORED,DATA ON OTHER SOURCES BEING FABRICATED!" bullshit. You are always wrong, and always will be wrong.

Please, at least go back and get a high school diploma before acting like you're some hot shot. kthnxbye.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5737973

Because they're all trying to use the observations of hard working people to fit their deluded beliefs. And when they come across something they don't understand they take it as proof that their beliefs are right. No one talked about the unprecedented solar minimum. No one explained why it happened, no one knows and no one cares and yet it was one of THE most significant events in entire time we've been observing the sun.

Never mind the mysterious and unexpected solar minimum, the zombies just think the sun is going to fry us because of some sensationalist articles written by the media with no understanding of anything. Just goes to show that they can't even think for themselves, still believing the media and a hypothetical scenario taken out of context and spread by the media. They trust the media enough to believe some bullshit articles and yet they say they don't trust real information from real people, that's just insane.
 Quoting: Plasmare

Sounds good and all, but unfortunately what you say is supported by nothing more than normalcy bias. Completely contradicting geological evidence as one example, where in such evidence as Z pinchs and sprites (already observed) have been clearly depicted in the paleoethic record and the geologic record. Further refuting - or disreguarding more likely - a plethora of surrounding frantic efforts to mask desperate attempts to combat suspected energies already making themselves known.

Basically you try to make everyone else seem crazy for questioning the normalcy bias you subscribe to. Yet again, nothing is normal, in money, real estate, investments, jobs, health, enviroment, leadership, politics, religions, and should I keep going on? No, I'm sorry but it isn't normal to have Spiral rays of energy or have you forgotten about those as well? I wish it was that simple but it isn't. You are the delusional one blessed with ignorance and determined to overide what your own eyes can see.
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