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Bottom line is if they want to hide the data, they will. If there were an impending global catastrophe, would you really want them to announce it? It would be total chaos.

There is mounting evidence of global "changes". We don't have the historical data to establish trends with statistical significance or with any degree of confidence. The best we can do is keep aware, notice the little things and be prepared. Having a few survival items close at hand and an emergency family plan are sensible safety preparations for a variety of emergency situations.

Most people can't afford to invest in a personal bunker, nor should they. We don't have sufficient evidence of impending doom to warrant such action. More importantly, belief that the end is near does not encourage faith in the future of our society. If you believe there is no tomorrow it makes today a shitty day.

OP, your insight is appreciated. We should all have a plan, we should all be cautious. We must all be diligent in deciphering the enormous amount of information and formulate our own well informed perspective of reality.
 Quoting: danwa

You're so right Her Goebbels! Truth, as you said, is the enemy of the State. We must stamp out this defeatist truth telling in order to remain completely oblivious until the bitter end.

You jack ass!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4594667

Whatever dude. All I was saying is don't follow the smell of shit blindly or you will soon find yourself with your head in your ass.
 Quoting: danwa

Ok, so I was hard on you. I don't believe that it is ever in the interest of the people to keep things hidden. No amount of propaganda or fascist truth smashing will ever succeed against reality. In the end the results will be far worse than having delt with the situation up front.

Aside from that you merely state what is fact and there is nothing wrong with that. Sorry for being a jack ass myself. Hope you see where I'm coming from.
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