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Poster Handle Plasmare
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Without radiation there would be no life and no diversity. We simply don't know enough about the effects of radiation, ionizing or nuclear, to say if it is bad or not. Life has been going on for millions of years without the need of radiation blocking materials or skin creams. You're obviously a very sick and confused person who enjoys spreading fear and misinformation. Radiation is both beneficial and harmful it all depends on the doses and energies.
 Quoting: Plasmare

There is a very simple formula with ionizing radiation and living things. The more ionizing radiation they are exposed to, the Quebecker they die. Though there are periods of apparent recovery between periods of exposure, the damage is permanent and cumulative. You claim diversity is the result of radiation causing genetic mutations, which is simply untrue. To my knowledge all genetic mutations are detrimental and cause the victim to be less bale to cope with the environment it lives in. The process of evolution is not fully understood but it is unlikely ionizing radiation damaging dna sequences is responsible for positive adaptation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1191382

Actually the one important thing we do know about radiation is that it is the ONLY natural cause of genetic mutations LOL. Before human technology all that there was, were natural sources; cosmic rays, from interstellar space and the sun. So you're saying the genetic mutations caused by that radiation are not positive? Once again you show your lack of knowledge and understanding in anything you discuss. You ran from me in your other thread and now you will run from this one again. Life would not exist today if it wasn't for natural sources of radiation. Thanks. Educate yourself if you want. Or stay ignorant and pretend you know everything.

[link to www-personal.ksu.edu]
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