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Poster Handle Divet Digger
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A Carrington event will happen again. I would bet my last dollar on that. That type of event WOULD shut this world down faster than a fart in a phone booth. When is the question. They can only guess. And "they" might have precursor warnings from the sun. The question is will "they" know. I don't think so. Mankind is still too stupid to understand that the sun drives our climate. The sun drives everything. We would not be here if it was not for the sun. Period!
 Quoting: Divet Digger

And what drives the sun? The sun is part of the galactic neighbourhood. If people understand that there are forces outside the heliosphere that act on the sun and influence it, they can easily predict what and when it will happen. Or maybe they already do. The solar system has a climate and weather, just as Earth has a climate and weather. Any change above will be reflected in changes below. Focusing on the sun will only lead to blindness and ignorance of the real issue.
 Quoting: Plasmare

I understand what you are saying. We are apart of a much larger picture than what anyone would even care to understand. Our solar system. Our part of the local arm of our spiral home the Milky Way. The Local Group of Galaxies we are in,which includes the Andromeda Galaxy, which is coming right at us...We can go on and on. The fact is we have no control over any of it. We are just along for the ride. So enjoy while you can. Because it could all end at any given moment. Cosmic or manmade. That is the truth of the matter. We have no control over it. So enjoy the show!
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