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Tell me of one example of e genetic mutation that was caused by radiation that resulted in a beneficial adaptation in any creature or living thing. You have the whole internet right in fornt of you, you ought to be able to come up with at least a single example. YOU CANNOT. When dna is damaged by ionization radiation the result is either death of the cell or reproduction of useless cells.. Are you aware of the experimentation done in this area of study?
There has yet to be ones such example in all of this experimentation.

There is a normal variation of genetic dna sequences in all living things that is not the result of damage, and beneficial variations tend to survive in greater numbers than their contemporaries. This is the mechanism of evolution.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1191382

just from a quick two second search:

[link to www.gate.net]

radiation causes DNA to mutate that is a fact. These mutations, if in a germ line cell [for a creature that has them] are passed on and can cause beneficial changes in the genome. Or disastrous ones. When scientists are inducing mutations in organisms they use mutagens. Mutagens can be carcinogens... they can be x-rays ... radiation is a mutagen. Mutations can be beneficial, detrimental or of no consequence. Basically anything which causes DNA damage can provide it with a configuration which makes for a benefit to the species.

quoting Anon Astrophysicist ---> "dna is damaged by ionization radiation the result is either death of the cell or reproduction of useless cells."

that depends on the dose, fuckstick.
we are damaged by ionising radiation everyday, all the fucking time and we repair it. that's what we do. the body invests a lot of resources doing so. if the dose is big enough then yeah, the cell or organism fucking dies or is tarded. if the dose is small the cells repair themselves.

The point being that it is about DOSE and if the cells receiving the radiation are your regular somatic cells or if they are germline cells or cells directly used in the creation of the next generation of organism. These two things make the difference. I don't think you understand correctly what you are talking about. And to claim so boldly on here that you do is quite frankly fucking bizarre. If you are actually employed by a facility for your scientific skills they should have a look at your work on here just so they know exactly what they are paying for.

Quote from the first thing that came up on google search:

"Hence a Co-ordinated Research Project on In
vitro Techniques for Selection of Radiation Induced Mutations Adapted to Adverse
Environmental Conditions was initiated and focused primarily on the improvement of
vegetatively propagated plants.
Mutation techniques in combination with tissue culture methods provide a powerful
technology to improve clonally propagated plants. The in vitro culture of vegetatively
propagated crops in combination with radiation induced mutations has proven to be an
invaluable method to produce desired variation and to rapidly multiply the selected mutants and
parental material in a disease-free condition. It is possible to upgrade well established clones by
changing specific traits by inducing mutations. The availability of large populations for
mutagenesis is one of the basic per-requisites to obtain sufficient variation. The in vitro
techniques provide the mechanism to generate large populations for mutation induction,
selection and rapid multiplication of the selected mutants."

[link to mvgs.iaea.org]

What I have learned from this interaction, Anonymous Astrophysicist, is that if you are going off about things here to do with mutations and evolution that I know for a FACT you are incorrect about, I know that you cannot be trusted to be giving the correct information about other areas of science I am not so enlightened about.

In other words, you are bullshit.

Do you actually have any qualifications? And if you do you need to brush up on your biology. And it does seem to me that you have delusions, because any professional reading this shit would be able to see the errors in your science and would not be 'OMG hanging off every word this guy says'. They are not calling you crazy because they are afraid of your (TRUTH! I SPEAK TRUTH, INFIDELS!) mate they are saying it because it looks to be true.

you have managed to alienate quite a few posters here who have a good scientific underpinning. well done.
 Quoting: Aucuparia

If it ever gets that bad Genetic mutations won't matter because we will have lost our atmosphere.Earths larger size maintains the heat in its core, while its tectonic plates cool the mantle relative to the core. The temperature difference keeps the convection currents strong, stirring the geodynamo, lose this you lose the atmosphere. The only remaining ionosphere for example on mars is centralized around large remaining magnetic rocks. It is possible there could be a mass extinction because of DNA damage, but I don't think so, there are too many other factors that 'play' over these kind of time scales. We have survived reversals before with massive amounts of solar energy touching down. Life developed 3.5 billion years ago, our magnetic field developed around 3 billion years ago, life finds a way
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