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Poster Handle Plasmare
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To my knowledge all genetic mutations are detrimental and cause the victim to be less bale to cope with the environment it lives in.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1191382

um. sorry. no... that's not right. You don't understand how evolution works?

DNA damage caused by radiation though causes stress to the body of any organism and they have to invest a lot of energy repairing that damage everyday.

Are you confusing the two things? Or are you just not clear on evolutionary process?

Genetic mutation as in mutations which bring about variation in a population can be beneficial or detrimental.
 Quoting: Aucuparia

Tell me of one example of e genetic mutation that was caused by radiation that resulted in a beneficial adaptation in any creature or living thing. You have the whole internet right in fornt of you, you ought to be able to come up with at least a single example. YOU CANNOT. When dna is damaged by ionization radiation the result is either death of the cell or reproduction of useless cells.. Are you aware of the experimentation done in this area of study?
There has yet to be ones such example in all of this experimentation.

There is a normal variation of genetic dna sequences in all living things that is not the result of damage, and beneficial variations tend to survive in greater numbers than their contemporaries. This is the mechanism of evolution.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1191382

Without radiation there would be no life and no diversity. We simply don't know enough about the effects of radiation, ionizing or nuclear, to say if it is bad or not. Life has been going on for millions of years without the need of radiation blocking materials or skin creams. You're obviously a very sick and confused person who enjoys spreading fear and misinformation. Radiation is both beneficial and harmful it all depends on the doses and energies.
 Quoting: Plasmare

There is a very simple formula with ionizing radiation and living things. The more ionizing radiation they are exposed to, the Quebecker they die. Though there are periods of apparent recovery between periods of exposure, the damage is permanent and cumulative. You claim diversity is the result of radiation causing genetic mutations, which is simply untrue. To my knowledge all genetic mutations are detrimental and cause the victim to be less bale to cope with the environment it lives in. The process of evolution is not fully understood but it is unlikely ionizing radiation damaging dna sequences is responsible for positive adaptation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1191382

Actually the one important thing we do know about radiation is that it is the ONLY natural cause of genetic mutations LOL. Before human technology all that there was, were natural sources; cosmic rays, from interstellar space and the sun. So you're saying the genetic mutations caused by that radiation are not positive? Once again you show your lack of knowledge and understanding in anything you discuss. You ran from me in your other thread and now you will run from this one again. Life would not exist today if it wasn't for natural sources of radiation. Thanks. Educate yourself if you want. Or stay ignorant and pretend you know everything.

[link to www-personal.ksu.edu]
 Quoting: Plasmare

Why is it every time there is some kind of solar activity going on, you GLP physicists from grandmas basement always come out of the wood works with some bogus "SOLAR DATA PAGE COMPLETELY CENSORED,DATA ON OTHER SOURCES BEING FABRICATED!" bullshit. You are always wrong, and always will be wrong.

Please, at least go back and get a high school diploma before acting like you're some hot shot. kthnxbye.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5737973

Because they're all trying to use the observations of hard working people to fit their deluded beliefs. And when they come across something they don't understand they take it as proof that their beliefs are right. No one talked about the unprecedented solar minimum. No one explained why it happened, no one knows and no one cares and yet it was one of THE most significant events in entire time we've been observing the sun.

Never mind the mysterious and unexpected solar minimum, the zombies just think the sun is going to fry us because of some sensationalist articles written by the media with no understanding of anything. Just goes to show that they can't even think for themselves, still believing the media and a hypothetical scenario taken out of context and spread by the media. They trust the media enough to believe some bullshit articles and yet they say they don't trust real information from real people, that's just insane.
 Quoting: Plasmare

This guy is a joke, he ignores everything that he can't debate because he's wrong and just uses straw men and logical fallacies to argue his points. Which by the way is that NASA is lying about solar data and yet NASA are not the only ones who study the sun. I showed him why there are data transmission errors and why sometimes there is no data from an aging satellite, which remains working most of the time despite being way past it's expected and predicted lifetime which is a miracle in itself.

I showed him plenty of other sources of solar data which he conveniently ignored and never addressed. I showed him how real time data is highly prone to transmission errors and errors from solar particles from solar storms, he ignored this in order to perpetuate his insane belief that there is a conspiracy going on to censor solar data. He doesn't understand that the NICT magnetosphere SIMULATOR is just that, a simulation on a super computer based on some ACE data. It simulates using MODELS, it doesn't actually accurately reflect what is really going on, it even says that in their disclaimer on their website.

I understand you're a very disturbed individual and you're trying to role play an astrophysicist but I have to say, you're failing badly. You're not astrophysicist, you don't have the knowledge or intelligence to be anything like one. It would greatly help your role play if you actually knew and understood the things you try to discuss instead of rebleating the same shit over and over with no real evidence or data to back anything up. It's clear to someone who actually knows and understands what you're posting about, that you know nothing about which you post.

You can't even think for yourself much less begin to comprehend what you're on about. You're just repeating the same old sensationalist articles based upon a hypothetical scenario. The sun is plasma, coronal mass ejections are plasma and therefore as long as we have our magnetic field and magnetosphere, the plasma will never be able to reach ground level. And there is only ONE known way for a magnetic reversal to occur that can allow an ejection of hot plasma into our atmosphere and ground level.
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