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Poster Handle Plasmare
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Then why are you dedicating all of your time arguing with me send trying to detract from my message,?

he ignores everything that he can't debate because he's wrong and just uses straw men and logical fallacies to argue his points. Which by the way is that NASA is lying about solar data and yet NASA are not the only ones who study the sun.
 Quoting: Plasmare

Distrust of the government shows that you are a highly disturbed individual who can't even trust real people working for the government. Sign of mental illness, not that I'm discriminating. I hate it when people lie and spread misinformation. That is your only purpose here. No one is saying the sun is not acting strange, merely that you are spreading lies and information in regards to the issue.

I showed him plenty of other sources of solar data which he conveniently ignored and never addressed.
 Quoting: Plasmare

ALL sources of space weather data available on the internet are filtered through government efficiencies or government funded academic endeavors.

I showed him how real time data is highly prone to transmission errors and errors from solar particles from solar storms, he ignored this in order to perpetuate his insane belief that there is a conspiracy going on to censor solar data. He doesn't understand that the NICT magnetosphere SIMULATOR is just that, a simulation on a super computer based on some data.
I never mentioned the NICT simulator or ACE data.
Quite the assumption on your part, I'm wondering where you came up with it from what i wrote. Oh, that's right, you pulled it out of your ass.

According to what we a re seeing on the lasco c2 image, this data is falsified:
[link to www2.nict.go.jp]

 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist 1203458

Really you didn't mention the NICT sim? Yet there is a link which you use as "proof" of data being falsified in your first post, I don't know if you're simply that dumb or you're just here to spread lies and misinformation. The data you refer to comes from ACE. So actually you did mention both. You're just too dumb to understand what you're on about. Or just lying. Quotes are messed up but whatever.
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