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Poster Handle Plasmare
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my reading comprehension is not nearly as good as your backpedaling. lol.
 Quoting: Aucuparia

I have not beck peddled at all and you are deluding yourself as a result of your poor reading comprehension skills...and you still haven't fund an example of a beneficial genetic mutation caused by radiation, what you found is an example of one experiment, many of which are ongoing, to find plants that have an unusual resistance to damage by radiation. The reason for this destroys your whole argument, essentially, There is an obvious reason why radiation resistant plants are being developed at extreme expense. Can you guess what that reason is?
Could it be that radiation at the planet's surface is increasing?

 Quoting: Anonymous astropysicist 1946597

You fail to address the fact that until humans began introducing alternative forms of radiation into the world the only natural radiation source was cosmic rays aka background radiation. Look around you, millions of years of evolution and life all because of cosmic radiation, if that isn't proof that it can be beneficial as well as harmful, you must be blind.

There is also plenty of evidence showing evolutionary bursts after an intense cosmic ray flux event.

Here is one example, because you're so fucking stupid and lazy or just don't care about the truth and only what you think you know.

At sea level, the majority of cosmic ray secondaries are highly penetrating muons. About 10,000 muons pass through our bodies every minute. Some of these muons will ionize molecules as they go through our flesh, occasionally leading to genetic mutations that may be harmful.
 Quoting: Plasmare
What do you think causes organisms to age and die>
At present, the average human receives the equivalent of about 10 chest X-rays per year from cosmic rays. We shouldn't be alarmed by this, since it is just part of the natural background radiation under which humans and our ancestors have been exposed to for eons. Indeed, cosmic-ray-induced mutations may sometimes be beneficial.
 Quoting: Plasmare

And I guess that explains why people who sped their whole lived out doors have and average lifespans of 12-15 years less than those who work indoors and hardly go outside.

"It is clear that in some way cosmic rays shaped evolution of organisms on Earth," says Franco Ferrari from the University of Szczecin in Poland.
[link to www.space.com]
 Quoting: Plasmare

Pollock, figures. I already explained in sufficient detail the mechanism of evolution and it isn't dna destroying cosmic radiation
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1946597

Funny your user # has changed. And nice back peddling. Peddle any harder and you're going to go back in time. You stated that there are no beneficial genetic changes and I proved you wrong about that, twice now. You have no sources for anything, just talking out of your ass. All you have are opinions and beliefs and they're mostly all unfounded and not even based in reality. Also racist it seems. You can't even admit being wrong, you simply take the focus off the things you are wrong about and start a circular argument that leads nowhere and somehow assume you are right when clearly you are not.

As for magnetosphere not being able to affects EM radiation, you are also wrong. Dust is everywhere and dusty plasma are known to cause scattering. That seems like it affects EM radiation doesn't it? EM radiation travels through plasma in space and that also has an effect because it's a medium that it travels through.

Scattering is a general physical process where some forms of radiation, such as light, sound, or moving particles, are forced to deviate from a straight trajectory by one or more localized non-uniformities in the medium through which they pass.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

So you're wrong again. The medium is plasma and EM radiation passes through it and is affected. That is why light bends and we can use a process called "gravitational lensing" to see into space. There are plenty of ways for a plasma (the magnetosphere and other layers in the atmosphere) to effects EM radiation.
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